Distributed Systems

Shekel Brainweigh

Shekel Brainweigh is an Israeli-based market leader in the field of frictionless retail solutions.


Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation Division has developed its game-changing Product Aware Technology, which digitally transforms any retail shelf into a source of enlightening insights. With its ability to accurately identify a product by its weight, utilizing propriety IoT load sensors, embedded Smart Shelf software, and Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning algorithms, it provides real-time data services to its customers enabling store automation – All the Weigh to Autonomous Store.


Wizzdi has worked with Shekel Brainweigh since 2018, contributing to its IoT framework and cloud management. FlexiCore’s state of the art plugin system allows Shekel Brainweigh to deliver customer-specific solutions that enable easy integration with industry leaders. FlexiCore’s IoT synchronization system is used to configure and obtain data from endpoints in the field. Wizzdi off the shelf technology allows Shekel Brainweigh developers to focus on its core business

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Data Tech is an Israeli-based company that specializes in the distribution of communications and IT products and is at the forefront of design, setup and maintenance of innovative IoT solutions.

In the field of IoT– Data Tech created a unique control and command system that offers a flexible solution which links with a wide range of devices, interfaces with existing systems and generates insights based on consolidated data.

Wizzdi has worked with Data Tech since 2018, contributing to its IoT framework and cloud management. FlexiCore’s state of the art plugins based system allows Data Tech to support a wide variety of equipment in a modular way. FlexiCore’s state of the art Access Control enables Data Tech cloud solutions to be available to multiple Organizations.

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