Modular Development

Modular Systems architecture enables shorter development times, better code management, and the deployment of different software solutions matching different requirements.

What is Modular Development?

modular development is a software design pattern separating software components into modules each handling specific concern.

Why Build Modular Applications?

Modular applications are more easily maintained, have shorter development cycles, and can be packaged according to requirements.

Modular Development with FlexiCore

Flexicore encourages and supports building solutions as sets of interconnected plug-ins, each developed as a fully-fledged Spring Boot Application,  and may depend on other plug-ins.  All the components of a system are defined as plug-ins: The interface to front-end devices, the model (Databased structure), and the business services.

Deploying new or updated plugins remotely is provided.

Different users of the same back-end can access different versions of the same plugin.


Ready to get started?

Wellsense is an US-based company that provides medical devices aimed to eliminate pressure injuries in hospital patients.

Wellsense provides hospitals and health care facilities with cutting-edge solutions that help enhance their standard of care, engage patients, improve safety and maximize revenues by reducing costs.

Wizzdi has worked with Wellsense since 2016, contributing to its on-device data management. FlexiCore’s state of the art Access Control allows Wellsense to install its solution in US-based hospital where strict privacy laws are enforced.

FlexiCore unique symmetrical distributed system is used on bed side devices connected to the cloud.