Wizzdi aims to empower
everyone to bring their ideas
to market

How it started

6 years ago we started as an outsourcing company and we wanted to speed up our development process while cutting costs. We noticed that the no-code approach was promising, so we decided to create Wizzdi. Since this was for our internal use at the start, it naturally could generate dependency-free code that we can use in later stages of the project.

Imagine our surprise, when we noticed that the majority of no-code platforms lock users into their system and oftentimes don't even allow for directly manipulating the code, instead emphasizing simpler development tools. Once we saw the extent of this problem, we went straight ahead and started preparing Wizzdi for the market. A system that allows users of any skill level to bring their ideas to life, while still retaining complete ownership of their IP.

Our Vision

With Wizzdi, we are not only bringing a revolution to the way businesses and apps are created, but a revolution of the IT industry as a whole. We are creating an ecosystem of developers and business founders, all of whom will be working on the Wizzdi platform, creating, and expanding together.

The ultimate goal is to have a no-code platform so intuitive and simple to use, yet powerful enough to create the frontend and backend of mobile apps, SAAS systems, websites, and complex enterprise solutions. We are lowering the barrier to entry for app markets and making sure that everyone can bring their idea to light, no matter their technical background or experience.

Anything you imagine, can be created through Wizzdi no-code.

The Beta

Wizzdi is currently in its beta phase and we are actively working together with our community to make the platform powerful, feature-rich and true to the Wizzdi vision.

We are actively collecting any and all feedback from users and the entire team personally engages with all users to take their feedback into account and prioritize everything based on the insight you give us. You, the user, are our main source of insight and everything you say is taken into account when planning our next steps.

Below you can see our full roadmap and what you can expect to see next. If you want to follow our development closely, you can sign up for the Wizzdi newsletter and receive updates on our progress.


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