Compare Wizzdi Cloud And Firebase

If you value code freedom and deployment flexibility, you need Wizzdi Cloud.

Firebase suits basic backend needs with minimal setup. But as your projects grow and demand more customization, flexibility in deployment, and collaborative tools, Wizzdi Cloud becomes essential, offering unparalleled freedom and scalability.

Choose Wizzdi Cloud When Limited customization and rigid deployment hinder progress

Deployment and Code Ownership

You Build It; You Own It

Embracing the “You Build It; You Own It” paradigm, Wizzdi Cloud ensures developers not only enjoy the freedom to deploy applications anywhere—on-premises, in any cloud, or via Wizzdi Cloud—but also retain full ownership of their code.

 This approach underscores a commitment to flexibility, independence, and empowering developers to control their deployment strategies without constraints.

Moved to Wizzdi Cloud and it’s a breath of fresh air. We control our code and direction now. Feels good to be truly independent.


SAAS Software Startup, USA

Backend Features

Build Anything

Offering a rich no-code backend platform, Wizzdi Cloud supports deep customization and integration, including AI capabilities and external services, underpinned by development freedom that blends no-code and traditional coding seamlessly.

“Finally, a platform where I can use my coding skills and no-code features together seamlessly.”

Lead Back-End Developer

HealthTech SaaS Enterprise, Germany

API Integration

Integrate Easily

Wizzdi Cloud’s domain-first and contract-first strategies enable developers to tailor APIs around detailed data models or interaction designs, ensuring seamless UI/frontend and service integrations on their terms.

“Creating APIs without coding saves us time. Wizzdi Cloud has made our workflow much easier.”

Senior Back-End Developer

FinTech Startup, UK


Collaborate, Share, Innovate

Wizzdi Cloud fosters a collaborative development culture through shared workspaces and granular permission controls. It also features public and private marketplaces, encouraging a community-driven approach to application development and component sharing

“The shift to Wizzdi Cloud smoothed out our collaboration. Sharing’s straightforward, like sending a link.”

Lead Product Manager

IOT Startup, USA

Build Without Limits

Unleash innovation and avoid restrictions: build freely with solutions that leave you unbound.

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