From idea to product, in a few easy steps

The core concept

Wizzdi is a hybrid no-code platform that will never lock you in. This means that you can quickly build complex projects from commercial products to internal tools, while having zero dependency on Wizzdi. With this approach, our users can grow their passion project or product while retaining full ownership of the code.

You build it, you own it!

Powerful features in an easy to use environment

Fully own your project

Full Feature List

Domain Model

A powerful builder to setup your projects core
architecture in minutes.

Custom Queries

Quickly and easily setup interactions within
your database

API Integration

Integrate powerful outside APIs and plugins with ease.

Business Flow

Build the logic your project runs on through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Github Integration

Upload, manage, and use your project
within your Github repository.

Powerful UI Builder

A powerful UI builder to create the front-end for both mobile and web apps.

Join The Beta Today!

Wizzdi is currently in its beta phase and everyone can join in for free. All we ask in return is for you to tell us
what you want to see on the Wizzdi platform and help us make Wizzdi into the best no-code builder out there.