Integrate Anything

Wizzdi Cloud leverages widely-adopted technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to ensure its output is highly compatible and can be seamlessly integrated with a broad range of platforms and services.

Wizzdi Cloud allows for effortless connectivity out of the box with many well-known services, and our commitment to continuous enhancement means that we are always expanding our integration capabilities to include even more platforms.


Integrate effortlessly with MQTT for lightweight messaging, enabling reliable data transfer in IoT applications and beyond for real-time communication and device management.


Leverage Apache Kafka integration for robust stream processing and messaging, perfect for handling high-volume data pipelines and ensuring seamless data flow across distributed systems.


Incorporate WebSocket to enable real-time UI updates, create interactive user experiences. providing users with immediate feedback and updates without the need for manual refreshes.


Integrate seamlessly with Minio for robust, scalable object storage, enhancing data accessibility and security across diverse applications for efficient file management and retrieval.

Seamless Integration, Boundless Connectivity

Seamlessly connect with real-world applications, breaking through barriers with ease.

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