Compare Wizzdi Cloud And Xano

If you value deployment freedom and code ownership beyond rigid platform constraints, you need Wizzdi Cloud

Xano fits straightforward projects seeking quick launches. Yet, as demands for deeper customization, deployment flexibility, and collaborative innovation rise, Wizzdi Cloud stands out, providing the freedom and scalability essential for growth.

Choose Wizzdi Cloud When rigid deployment and Limited Code Ownership prevents adoption

Deployment and Code Ownership

You Build It; You Own It

Embracing a “Full Control, No Limits” ethos, Wizzdi Cloud offers unmatched flexibility, allowing developers to deploy applications on-premises, any cloud, or Wizzdi Cloud, while ensuring they keep full code ownership.

This stance directly addresses the constraints often found in more rigid platforms, offering developers an unrestricted environment free from the usual deployment and proprietary limitations, ensuring innovation and scalability are never compromised.

“Using Wizzdi Cloud allowed us to deploy apps flexibly and keep our code. It removed previous constraints, enhancing our work significantly.”

Dev-Ops Lead

E-Commerce Platforms, Canada

Backend Features

Build Anything

Wizzdi Cloud offers a dynamic no-code backend that excels in customization and broad integrations, including AI and various external services. It uniquely merges no-code convenience with traditional coding flexibility, providing developers with unparalleled creative freedom.

This model effectively tackles common restrictions , offering deeper customization and wider integration capabilities, enabling the creation of complex applications without usual compromises.

“Using Wizzdi Cloud just makes sense; it’s no-coding without the usual handcuffs.”

Founder and CTO

AgriTech Startup, Germany

API Integration

Integrate Easily

Wizzdi Cloud’s domain-first and contract-first methods allow for customized API development based on specific data or user interaction designs, promoting smooth UI/backend integrations. This adaptability, coupled with easy integration with services like MQTT, Kafka, and S3, overcomes the constraints of platforms with less flexible API and service integration, crucial for SaaS apps needing intricate data handling or real-time processing.

“Customizing APIs with Wizzdi Cloud and integrating Kafka and S3 was straightforward, providing a flexibility we didn’t have with previous platforms, making our development process much simpler.”

Head of Technology

Communication Enterprise, India


Collaborate, Share, Innovate

Wizzdi Cloud enhances collaboration with shared workspaces and precise permissions, alongside its community-driven marketplaces. This addresses the common challenges in similar platforms of limited collaboration and sharing capabilities. By fostering a robust community ecosystem, Wizzdi Cloud accelerates development and enriches application features.

“leveraging shared workspaces and marketplaces enabled us to swiftly incorporate advanced payment and inventory management components, drastically reducing our development time and enhancing our online store’s functionality.”

Lead Product Manager

E-Commerce Startup, USA

Build Without Limits

Unleash innovation and avoid restrictions: build freely with solutions that leave you unbound.

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