Apps, websites, and complex solutions made easy through an intuitive no-code builder

No-code unlocked


Get a quick start on your app or website concept and quickly build the idea phase through simple and intuitive drag and drop.


Create complex backend systems through an intuitive user-interface that anyone can easily pick up and use.


With Wizzdi, you own your code. Export your code in full or deploy it on our Wizzdi cloud servers and watch your product run.

Build complex projects with ease

Within minutes you will create complex
projects through simple drag-and-drop

Integrate external projects
and plugins

Whether you want to use an API, or
integrate a specific plugin, Wizzdi allows
you to do it with a few simple clicks.

Fully own your
code and IP

Wizzdi does not restrict you.
Everything you develop can easily be exported with zero
dependency on Wizzdi

Join The Beta Today!

Wizzdi is currently in its beta phase and everyone can join in for free. All we ask in return is for you to tell us
what you want to see on the Wizzdi platform and help us make Wizzdi into the best no-code builder out there.