The Unlocked backend No-Code platform

build anything , deploy anywhere , integrate and customize without locking

Build Anything


Easily manage and structure data . Perfect for any skill level to keep your projects data-driven and efficient.


Create and expose custom APIs, or integrate with external services like PayPal and SendGrid.


Automate workflows ,Create complex processes effortlessly to save time and boost productivity.


Docker images are generated , streamlining deployment and ensuring consistency across environments


Our platform's security features enable robust SAAS platform development with multi-tenancy, SSO, and secure APIs.


Enhance collaboration by inviting team members to you workspaces, share solutions in marketplaces

Deploy Anywhere

Wizzdi Cloud K8

Deploy with a single click on our Kubernetes cluster for unparalleled scalability and reliability. elastically scale out to meet your requirements

Any Cloud Provider

Deploy seamlessly on any cloud provider using Helm charts, leveraging this open-source and standard technology across any infrastructure.

Run Locally using docker

Easily run your applications locally using Docker, offering a seamless development and testing environment.



Integrate effortlessly with MQTT for lightweight messaging, enabling reliable data transfer in IoT applications and beyond for real-time communication and device management.


Leverage Apache Kafka integration for robust stream processing and messaging, perfect for handling high-volume data pipelines and ensuring seamless data flow across distributed systems.


Incorporate WebSocket to enable real-time UI updates, create interactive user experiences. providing users with immediate feedback and updates without the need for manual refreshes.

Minio (S3)

Integrate seamlessly with Minio for robust, scalable object storage, enhancing data accessibility and security across diverse applications for efficient file management and retrieval.

Customize Without Locking

Smart Code Sync

Wizzdi Cloud delivers dependency-free code to your Git repository, allowing for easy modifications. Our platform smartly merges your changes, ensuring a seamless integration with traditional development workflows for a flawless project progression.

Easy Extension points

allow for direct in-platform custom code integration, ensuring seamless customization without leaving the platform, blending no-code ease with coding depth.

Build Anything, Deploy Anywhere, Integrate and Customize without locking.

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