Craft Your Logic


Empower your projects with the ability to seamlessly integrate and implement any logic, offering boundless possibilities and unparalleled flexibility.

Flow Design

Craft Clarity with Flow Diagrams

Transform complex logic into clear, visual flow diagrams, making intricate processes understandable and manageable at a glance.

  • Comprehensive triggers: Start flows with API calls, webhooks, WebSocket messages, Kafka events, or scheduled tasks.
  • Advanced flow control: Utilize conditions and loops for customized logic and efficient task automation.
  • Broad integration capabilities: Seamlessly connect with Kafka, MQTT, external APIs, and WebSockets for extensive functionality.

Developer Friendly

Developer? Write Code, No Barriers

Unlock unrestricted coding within our platform, featuring a comprehensive IDE and IntelliSense, or connect seamlessly with your own IDE for a flexible, barrier-free development environment.

  • Full-fledged IDE with IntelliSense for in-platform development
  • Seamless integration and workflow between your preferred development environment


Easily Debug Your Flows

Streamline your troubleshooting process with intuitive tools designed to easily debug your flows, ensuring efficient identification and resolution of issues for smoother operations.

  • Intuitive debugging interface for quick problem identification.
  • Real-time variable and state monitoring for comprehensive analysis.
  • Integrated logging for detailed event tracking and diagnostics

Seamlessly Craft Your Perfect Logic

Empower your projects with the ability to intricately design and execute flawless logic, ensuring precision and efficiency in every aspect of your workflow.

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