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Streamline Data with Kafka Integration

Kafka enables robust data streaming, processing, and integration for scalable, high-performance applications.

Kafka Configuration

Optimize Your Data Streams

Wizzdi Cloud’s Kafka integration empowers users with the ability to finely tune their data pipeline. Set up and manage your Kafka environment with ease:

  • Configure multiple topics for both publishing and listening, with pattern support.
  • Define message structures, topic partition keys, and replication factors for efficient data handling.

Business Flow Integration

Intelligent Data Processing Automation

Seamlessly incorporate Kafka into your business logic:

  • Utilize Kafka triggers to launch workflows upon receiving messages, enabling real-time data utilization.
  • Leverage the Fire Kafka Message activity to publish messages, keeping your applications proactive and data-driven.

Seamless Deployment

Effortless Kafka Deployment

Achieve a robust data streaming infrastructure with minimal setup:

  • Automatic incorporation of Kafka broker settings in Docker Compose files and Helm charts.
  • Ensures a Kafka-ready deployment environment, facilitating high-volume data processing capabilities out of the box.

Streaming Excellence with Kafka

Efficiently manage data streams for scalable, high-throughput application performance.

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