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Build Robust, Scalable Storage Solutions

Configure and deploy Minio effortlessly, enabling secure, scalable object storage for any application.

Minio Configuration

Flexible Storage Solutions

Configure Minio for robust, scalable object storage, both internally and externally, to meet your application’s needs.

  • Choose between internal and external Minio setups.
  • Easily manage storage with intuitive configuration options.

Business Flow Integration

Streamlined Storage Access

  • Enhance your workflows with efficient access to storage resources using Minio:

    • Utilize the Get Download URL activity to generate pre-signed URLs for securely downloading objects.
    • Employ the Get Upload URL activity to create pre-signed URLs for uploading objects, with an option to auto-create buckets if they do not exist.

Seamless Deployment

Effortless Minio Deployment

Deploy Minio within your infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring robust data management and availability:

  • Automatically include Minio service configurations in your Docker Compose files and Helm charts.
  • Opt for built-in Minio services unless marked as external, simplifying setup and integration.

Optimize Storage with Minio Integration

Maximize your storage capabilities with Minio for enhanced data handling and security.

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