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Build Interactive UIs Easily

Enable real-time, interactive user interfaces with configurable WebSocket endpoints and dynamic messaging.

WebSocket Configuration

Customize WebSocket Interactions

Enhance your applications with real-time communication capabilities by setting up WebSocket endpoints tailored to your needs.

  • Configure multiple WebSocket endpoints.
  • Define message structures to align with your application’s data exchange requirements.

Business Flow Integration

Dynamic WebSocket Flow Management

  • Integrate WebSocket functionality seamlessly into your business processes for live interactions and instant data exchange.

    • Use the WebSocket trigger to initiate workflows upon receiving messages at specified endpoints.
    • Use the Fire WebSocket Message activity to send messages dynamically.
    • Utilize the Get Connected WebSocket Sessions activity to track and manage active connections effectively.

Elevate UI with WebSocket Integration

Streamline user interaction by integrating WebSocket for live, responsive application interfaces.

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