Secure Data And API with


Unlock streamlined security: Effortless protection for your digital workspace

API Security

Database design starts with effective interface

Secure your APIs with multi-tenancy RBAC(role based access control)

  • Manage roles
  • Manage tenants
  • Allow /Deny access to API based on role / Tenant

Data Security

Custom Security, Precise Data Access Control

Easily define your application roles and make sure only certain users / roles /tenant gain access to the data their need

  • Manage Data Access Based on Tenant/Role/User
  • Manage Data Access under specific APIs

Authentication And Authorization

Secure Your API with Easy SSO Integration

Effortlessly secure your API, integrating SSO with Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Secure API with JWT
  • Common SSO Providers such as Google , GitHub and many others
  • Support for Custom SSO Provider
  • Username based Register/Login

Elevate Your Security to Unprecedented Levels

Wizzdi Cloud is revolutionizing how security is approached, propelling it to unparalleled heights. By innovating and implementing cutting-edge solutions, we’re setting new standards for protection and peace of mind in the digital realm.

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